You can recognize the real KP-Tommi Puukkos from the knife smith's initials that are smitten into the blade. The only initials are AK, OK, VK and at the present ML. Now the initials ML stand for knife smith Marko Lindelä. He has a long line of ancestors with smith skills.

Dating back to 1610, the knowledge of traditional knife making has remained in the KP smithy. KP knives, which are better known as TOMMI PUUKKOs, are made with the ultimate knowledge of knife making, making no compromise with material or workmanship. KP- knives are made by hand from the beginning to the final stage.

The Kainuun Puukko knife smiths start making world-famous KP-Tommi puukkos - the original Finnish Knives - by heating round silver steel in a charcoal fire. Then the knife smiths hand hammer the knife blades thousands of strikes. Next is quenching in oil and Progression Tempering the puukko knife edge to the optimal hardness of steel. These stages give the KP Puukko knife blades their unsurpassed, long-lasting razor sharpness. During each heat treatment, the knife blade gets better edge holding properties.

Material for the knife handle and sheath of each knife is carefully selected by the Kainuun Puukko smiths. The KP-Tommi knife handles are made from the root burl of raita wood or curly birch, which is unique to the northern areas of Finland. Due to the lightly oiled finish and the nature of the wood, these knife handles have a warm, comfortable and firm feel. Each individual knife has a molded, hand fit leather sheath, made precisely for the knife.

For each KP-Tommi Puukko, the knife blade, handle and sheath are handmade always by the same knife smith. The KP knife smiths hammer their initials into each of the Tommi-knife blades as a guarantee of their quality work.

The quality of KAINUUN PUUKKO's Tommi-knives is legendary. KP-Tommi knives are some of the most prestigious knives in the world. Appreciated not only by the quality conscious hunters and collectors, but also by kings, presidents, generals and other dignitaries worldwide. These puukko knives have taken part in many international expositions and have won plenty of awards over the years. A generation ago, knife smith Antti Kemppainen received many awards, The President of Finland, Dr Urho Kekkonen sent him a letter of special recognition and invited him to the annual independence day party in The Presidents Palace. Son Olavi and other KP knife smiths have won awards including the highly coveted prizes at the Annual International Knife Contest in Fiskars, Finland for 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999.

KP-Tommi knives are still made with craftmanship that' s been honed for generations. The tradition continues in these razor sharp knives.