Sharpening the Kainuun Puukko knives

It is important to take care of the blade to keep Your knife good and useable even decades. Clean the blade after every use, if using water dry the blade carefully and keep the knife on its own sheath. You can sharpen Your Kainuun Puukko knife with whetstone or specific kind of sharpening tools.

Use 15-20 degrees angle when grinding the blade on whetstone by using one way strikes. Follow the instructions of the tool/ whetstone you are using. Usually they have different surfaces and sharpening will start with the coarser and ending with finer ones. How dull the blade is, determines the best ways and tools for sharpening.

Very important with these handmade knives is finishing the sharpening right. The blade foot should be sharpened last and be careful with the angle of 15-20 degrees from both sides of the blade. Remember to finish the sharpening with leather or felt to remove the thread from the blade.